Hello all, 


VISA APPROVED:  Last week we made the trip to Ciudad Juarez for Areli’s visa.  It was approved without any problems.  It’s still not the end of the road in the immigration process but will allow her to enter and leave the U.S. unrestricted over the next 2 years while we finish the process.  The bottom line is that hopefully after more papers, money, and one more trip to Juarez sometime over the next year, she we finally become a permanent resident (have her green card).


BACK TO WORK:  Due to several factors which I won’t go into detail about, I will be returning to Kalamazoo next week for 3 ½ weeks of work.  The cool thing is that Areli will come up for a few days to visit now that U.S. immigration has finally given her that option.


PUERTO VALLARTA:  Areli, her two sisters, and I just got back from a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  It was a good time but a lot of driving on my part.  Areli put up some pictures from our trip but you have to have a facebook account to see them.  I’ll try to put some on www.missionarydoc.com soon.


GUATEMALA:  We are still in a holding pattern regarding Guatemala.  We are working on some of the necessary details.  Agape in Action has put a brief welcome to us on there website: www.agapeinaction.org


MARATHON:  A month ago, I got the marathon done.  Check out the video and pictures:


FACEBOOK:  Areli and I have begun to use facebook.com.  For those of you who have an account, add us as friends.  You can add me or sign up for an account here.  I will still send out these periodic emails and update www.missionarydoc.com but we will also put some smaller stuff on facebook.