Thursday, 14 May 2009




On Mother's Day, we celebrate with our church. As usual, we played with the worship team. Now that it is the rainy season, it's been raining hard pretty much every afternoon. Unfortunately, the current church building had a few leak issues. We had to rescue our musical equipment from the flood. Here are a few pictures from Mother's Day.




Although we try not to deliver babies, we do a lot of prenatal care here. We give prenatal vitamins, do basic screening, and do lots and lots of ultrasounds. To avoid boredom, Areli has been learning how to do ultrasound.




This week our predecessor Heidi Bell has been in town operating. On Tuesday, we went to watch a surgery. It was Areli's first time in scrubs and first time in the operating room.  Here are the pictures.



Well I guess Areli's the only one with interesting stuff going on right now. Oh well.