This seems a bit out of order but here’s the deal:


We accepted the position as long-term medical missionaries to Guatemala!  We will begin full-time in January.


So if we already have a job why are we going back to school?  Well, Areli’s final semester begins this week.  And as for me, I plan to be in Mexico during most if not all of the next four months.  Since I do not have a full load of obligations here, I have been putting a lot of time into some correspondence Bible courses that I have been slowly working on over the last several years.  Now God has given me the time to make some rapid progress on these.  I finished one course last week and I’m hoping to finish everything by December.  


A few prayer requests:


1.  Preparation and details for starting in Guatemala.
2.  A peace in the midst of the storm of Areli’s final semester.
3.  A diligence on my part regarding my Bible courses and other responsibilities.
4.  Immigration issues--particularly regarding the appointment in Juarez on September 9th.
5.  The Mexico City Marathon which I’ll be participating in on Sunday.