23 October 2023


The clinic at Santa Elena is another remote clinic.  It is well over an hour to drive there depending on conditions, but only a 5-minute flight which is so convenient.  There is a grass runway owned by our Mennonite friends.  From there, it is a 5-minute drive to the clinic. 

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This Thursday clinic has lots of sick kids, pregnant women, and adults with various complaints.  There are also several chronic patients with diabetes, hypertension, and a few with seizure disorders.  We supply them with medicines and they (are supposed) to follow up every 1-2 months. 


Last week, a man came in with an ingrown toenail.  I was able to remove part of his toenail with my headlamp and some basic instruments. 


Here is a video of the entire 5-minute flight.  It is recorded from my camera glasses, so the quality is not awesome.  And I'm too short to see over the dash at times.