22 October 2023


Time has been flying by since we got here.  We are now settled in, and our scorpion kill count is up to 12.  The conditions with the protests have calmed down a bit.  More supplies are arriving although there was no ice cream to be found on Wednesday when we had lunch with one of the missionary families.  The plane is flying more, and fuel is more available.


I wanted to give an update on the Chiminisijuan clinic.  This clinic takes place on Tuesdays is located almost an hour up the mountain from the hospital depending on the conditions of the road.  I would say the road is better than when I was last here 2 years ago.

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Not a whole lot has changed in the clinic.  There are still lots of sick kids, pregnant women, and people with aches and pains.


Two weeks ago, an 86-year-old man was brought in by his daughter for weakness, leg swelling, and a large abdominal mass that was growing over the past several months.  Interestingly, he had an image of a scorpion on his hat.  I had the one we had killed the night before in my backpack, but I didn’t bother to show it do him.  Anyway, as expected the ultrasound showed a large abdominal mass.  We couldn’t say much more.  Even in the U.S., he most likely wouldn’t have had many treatment options given his age.  We prayed for him and shared with him in Spanish and Quiché (his first language) the Gospel of Jesus Christ through several different people and in several different ways.  He basically said he would think about it.  His daughter professed Christ and was involved with a church.  We encouraged her to ask her pastor to visit him. 


Last week, we had a middle-aged guy come in with abdominal complaints.  We went looking for his gallbladder and couldn’t find it.  We did find his liver to be very enlarged.  I asked him if he was a drinker.  He said that he had drunk a lot and used a lot of drugs in his lifetime, but he quit 7 years ago.  I asked him how he was able to quit.  He said he committed his life to Christ he was freed from the substances.  He later came down to the hospital for more studies, but I haven’t yet heard an update. 


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It’s impossible to know the status of each church and professing believers.  We hear about a lot of corruption and weirdness in several churches.  But one thing is clear:  the name of Jesus Christ is well-known throughout the area.  We start each clinic with someone sharing a short devotional and prayer.  Last week was my turn and I shared from John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” –ESV.  Nurse Marvin translated into Quiché.