Monday, 14 June 2010

Six miles tonight.  I’m trying out my new shoes today.  They seem to work.  I’ve been running down a dirt road away from town.  The people there always look at me like I were some kind of extraterrestrial.  The other day, a kid actually took out his cell phone and recorded a video of me running by.  A little further ahead, another boy threw me an (American) football to see if I would catch it.  Everybody was happy when I did and I threw it back.

Tonight, I ran towards town on paved roads.  As you can see my night running outfit could possibly draw some attention, but hey, safety first.  Anyway, I got several shouts in the Quiché dialect from some school kids walking home.  Until I can learn a comeback I’ll just take it like a man. 

I have several supporters for the race but I thought I would have more by now.  Today, we bought the 100 gifts for people who support me.  If more people don’t sign up soon, you might just get a gift anyway.

In six days we’ll be in Michigan.  Until then we’ve got a lot to do.  In conjunction with our normal schedule, we will be helping with a medical group from ASELSI.  Tomorrow, we are headed to some village to do a new clinic there--as you can see, my favorite part of the job is not planning but rather just showing up and getting to work.  Please pray for these new efforts and the 101 other things we have to get done this week before we get on the plane.

I am so thankful that our trip to Michigan will be a combination of spending time with my family and lucrative work.  I will be working at the clinic in Kalamazoo once again.

On another note, by popular demand, Areli has published the following album of some of the destruction caused by tropical storm Agatha: