Sunday, 28 August 2011 (Delayed Post)


Missionary Community Church is an English-speaking church made up of mostly missionaries around Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Sunday services and the continued fellowship with other missionaries was a huge support for us while we were in Guatemala. Please check out the church website and Pastor Don Logan's blog. The following is an email that we sent out after our last church service in Guatemala.


We didn't get a chance to say anything to the church today, but some things are better written anyway.


Thanks to all of you for being such an important part of our lives during our time in Guatemala. Last week, during worship, I was thinking that there are many groups of believers functioning on various different levels. In some churches there are so many problems that one struggles to believe that it is actually a group of believers. Other churches are more "functional" and better resemble the Body of Christ. We all know that there are no "perfect churches," but I think Missionary Community Church comes pretty close. This has been demonstrated to us not so much by the Sunday experience (although this has been excellent), but even more so by how the Body has responded in times of difficulty. Although most of us don't hang out on a regular basis, when there is a need, we know that we have many friends that stick closer than brothers. Who knows if this is evident to the locals, but it certainly has its impact as it allows each of us to go forward in the work that God has given us, knowing that someone always has our back.


We couldn't imagine what our time here would have been like if it weren't for you. We love you all and thank each of you for being an encouragement to us.


Logans for never deviating from the mission that God has given you: to bring unity to the missionaries around Chichicastengo.


Yorks for being our other parents away from home. And Erv for being my personal "fix it man."


Cathy and Carol for being our other mothers, prayer warriors, and constant encouragers. And for letting us play your Wii.


Streets for your joy in serving the Lord, your love for Guatemala, and desire to help the people in any way possible.


Roy for sharing with us the fruit of your labor and your desire to help.


Eman and Jess for your leadership and music ministry. And for your passion to teach the children.


Romeros for your desire to train up the pastors and young leaders of Guatemala, and for bringing us into the presence of the Lord through music. ¡Viva México! Mi querido paisano. (Areli's words)


Salazar Family for your love for and joy in serving the children and for being so friendly to us.


Jorge and Marietta for gifts of teaching and for being humble and always ready to serve.


Harveys for never giving up on the great vision that God has given you, your amazing love for Guatemala, and for serving the needy with joy. And for your constant intercession.


Andrew and Hannah for your ever encouraging smiles and words and your hard work in the Lord. And for sharing with us your delicious food.


Ron for your persistent work to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people.


Hoaks for your sacrifices and hard work and always being joyful whatever the circumstances.


Jennifer for your very practical service to the people and desire to help in any way you can.


Colleen for your servant's heart and friendliness with everybody.


Gormleys for your genuine interest in how we are doing and your kind words, and for your desire to serve God here in Guatemala.


Capeharts for caring for all of us and using all of your resources to joyfully help people in need.


Kemmel and Lisa for your untiring work in the communities, your encouraging words, and for lending us your lawn mower :) You are a great couple.


Gardners for your joyful spirits and service in the Lord.


Montgomery's for your humility and great example of a missionary family.


May God receive the glory for what He has done in showing us His love through every one of you. We may not see many of you again this side of heaven but we will find you again there. And I'm sure we'll find a chance to get together for a Missionary Community Church reunion because eternity is a long, long time :)