9 November 2023


I don’t have a lot of new things to share about Hospital Adonai since the last time I did.  The building is still looking awesome. There are regular clinics 3 days per week and it is open for emergencies 6 days per week.  There are rarely patients admitted to the hospital other than when surgical teams are here.  Patients are also sent from the local health center for labs, x-rays, and ultrasounds.  This can be a little frustrating when many tests ordered may not be appropriate.  The other option is to have a visit with a provider at Adonai and have them decide which tests are appropriate.  There are costs to the patients for these different studies, although they are a better price compared to other places.


There continue to be surgical teams that come periodically.  The general surgery team a few weeks ago was canceled due to the protests and roadblocks.  There is currently a gynecology team doing surgeries.


As I always seem to say each time we come back that the nursing staff continues to improve in clinic care, surgeries, and inpatient care.  Also, the acuity of the patients continues to increase.  There are more broken bones treated than before, more babies sick with more severe respiratory illnesses requiring hospitalization, and the pregnant women keep coming for prenatal care.  To date, the hospital is not open routinely for deliveries, but there are some scheduled c-sections from time to time.  Most of the women in the area tend to deliver their babies with the help of a usually untrained midwife, and others may go to a health center.


As far as spiritual care, my perception is that the Guatemalan Adonai staff are more involved in spiritual care for patients.  They often pray for the patients.  We start each day with staff prayer which is led by different staff members each day.  This is often trilingual with prayer in English, Spanish, and Quiché. 


I wanted to share Leslie Ficker’s post (our girls’ missionary grandma) that mentions some of these things. May God continue to move things forward in His timing.


Our time is up.  We’ll be leaving Guatemala tomorrow…for now.  We’re not sure when our next trip will be.  We will be focusing on preparing for another baby in the meantime and hope to return soon, Lord willing.


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