6 November 2023


While we were in Mexico a month ago, we were informed that there were several cases of Dengue in the area.  Normally, we would hear of a few cases from people coming from the coast where it is a lot more common.  However, several of the workers at the hospital and/or their family members have had confirmed or suspected Dengue.  Some of them were very severe, but none of them died from it that I am aware of. 


Dengue is a mosquito-borne illness from a virus.  High fever is a major symptom combined with headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, and rash.  Later, nosebleeds and other signs of more severe bleeding can occur.  The weird thing about Dengue is that the first infection may not even bring symptoms or at least enough to suspect it.  However, a second infection, depending on the timing and the specific virus type, can bring severe symptoms with bleeding and death.  There isn’t much treatment other than acetaminophen for pain and fever.  Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories are not recommended due to the increased risk of bleeding.  There are/were tests locally to check for current and previous infections, but all of the labs ran out at some point.  As I said, we had some very sick employees and their family members.


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It has been an unseasonably wet season which may be contributing to the Dengue cases.  It has rained throughout the day and night the past several days.  We have barely seen the sun.  We are on solar power and have often been without power due to the gray days and frequent rains.  The good side of all of this for me is that the temperatures have been very pleasantly hovering a little above 70 F in the day and a little below 70 F at night. The bad side for me is that my clothes have been hanging on the line for several days (in a covered area).


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It seems like new cases are slowing down now but I am reminded that along with the curse caused by sin, paradise has been lost—for now.  It seems wherever on the earth the climate is the best, the more things there are that can kill you (mosquito-borne illnesses, snakes, etc).  I’m thankful that Jesus is going to set everything right again soon.


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